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Tally Messenger Features
Features in details
Auto Voucher SMS
Need to keep an eye on the Sales Bills being generated in your company?
Need to monitor payments made by your company?
Need to acknowledge payments received from clients?
Need to inform clients about Sales Bills / Delivery Notes raised towards them?

Tally Messenger provides the perfect solution !
TM enables the user to pre-configure the settings to send automated messages to one's clients and/or to Departmental Heads the moment an entry is made in the system. Now you can send SMS automatically the moment an entry is made in Tally. Even entries which are altered can be SMSed to your clients and/or Departmental Heads which would provide absolute control over the books. Auto SMSes can be individually configured (Enabled/Disabled) for each voucher type by the Tally Administrator.
Client Outstanding SMS
Tally Messenger provides you with an effective debtors outstanding reminder module. Now you can remind your debtors regarding their outstanding bills along with due dates for them. TM helps in sending out payment reminders to the clients based on the outstanding in your accounts with the amount details along with the due date of payment. TM gives the user tremendous flexibility as it accords dual capabilities of sending a message either on the basis of bills or on the basis of ledger.

You can send -
List of all the bills outstanding of your Debtors
Ledger balance of your Debtors
Over-Due bills balance of your Debtors
Scheduled SMS
TM aids the user to connect better by using its unique SMS manager that enables user to receive periodic scheduled SMS about key business developments like:

Daily Total Sales SMS

Daily Total Cash Sales SMS

Daily Total Cash Collection SMS

Daily Cash / Bank Position SMS

Centralised SMS Outbox (Server)
Worried about dropping internet connection ?

Tally Messenger has a central SMS outbox which stores all the SMSes generated through tally by all your computers and sends them the moment the computer goes online. This ensures that all the SMSes generated are sent. TM helps the user to leverage a server based SMS system which stores messages in a central server in the absence of internet connection and sends it the moment connection is restored. Internet connection is also required on only that computer where the Tally Messenger Server is installed.
The central database server of Tally Messenger also enables users to generate, at the click of a button, a complete log of all the SMSes sent from Tally. Users can filter and search SMSes sent based on Phone numbers, Messages content, date, sent status, etc. This lends complete monitoring capability to its users.
Birthday/Anniversary SMS
Tally Messenger provides an handy CRM tool for Birthday and Anniversary reminders to your clients. You can Birth dates and Anniversary dates of your clients either at the ledger master or individually at the voucher level. Tally Messenger can be programmed to run a specific time everyday and to automatically send out greetings to your clients.
External DB Bulk SMS
Used to sending bulks from Excel or other external desktop applications?

Tally Messenger enables the user to send Bulk SMS directly from Tally using an external list of numbers in an excel sheet.                        
Ledger Group SMS
Need to update your clients about a new product launched by your company?
Need to send festival greeting to all your clients?

With Tally Messenger, you no longer need to maintain a list of your clients in another software. TM allows you to select groups of clients to whom sms can be sent. Sending promotional/other notifications to customers was never easier.
Manual Voucher Based SMS
TM enables you to send SMS directly from the voucher containing information about the voucher directly to the relevant party of the Voucher. Now Sales, purchase, delivery note, payment, etc can be notified to your customers at the click of a button.
Ledger SMS
TM gives the user the capability to send messages to individual parties by selecting their ledger individually.            
Tally Messenger Settings
TM allows the user to completely control which features of Tally Messenger are enables and who can alter these features.
Multiple Sender Id
TM helps you in sending messages to your clients using your personalized sender ID for your company.                                 
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